Hello there, we are Abhirowater – the premier SS water tank manufacturer in Salem. We offer a wide range of custom-made stainless steel water tanks – with capacities ranging from 90 to 5000 liters – to suit any commercial, industrial and residential applications – all engineered with premium materials, precision. and regulation compliance.

SS Water Tank Manufacturer in Salem

From potable water, milk, beverages to industrial chemicals, our expert engineers & fabricators can work according to your specifications & create liquid storage solutions that are built to last; and that too at affordable prices. Our tanks are also healthy and recyclable – perfectly designed for the weird times we are now living in.

Come, check out our vast SS water tank solutions today & get the peace of mind that comes with a reliable water source that suits YOUR way of life

SS Water Tank Manufacturer in Salem – We’ve Set the bar High!

Designed to last a lifetime, our SS water tanks are made from sustainably sourced food-grade, high strength AISI 304 & 316-grade stainless steel. They are precision machined and come in many capacities to befit any & all your needs.

Unlike other stainless steel manufacturers in Salem, we build our products “in-house”, leading to unmatched quality on almost every front. Chemically neutral, our tanks will keep their contents “as is”. This makes them great for industrial use, including pharmaceutical needs. They are also designed with an aesthetical appeal to offer seamless integration with your properties. They don’t rust, are lightweight & are easy to install & shift with minimal effort.

And the best part? Since we source our stainless steel straight from the mills, there are no “middleman costs” which enables us to offer the lowest SS water tank price in Salem!

SS Tank Suppliers in Salem

Thanks to our unwavering build quality & customer support, we are now rated as the No.1 name among all the best stainless steel water tank manufacturers in Salem.

In fact, we are now growing even more rapidly, with our Abhirowater branded Stainless Steel water tanks now being available all across Bhavani, Mettur, Ettapadipi, Omalur, Sennimalai, Sankakiri, Vazhapadi, Yergaud, to name a few

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Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers in Salem – the Highlights of Abhirowater SS tanks

People looking to buy water tanks today have 3 options when it comes to materials: Plastic, cement, and of course steel. They all have their merits, but steel is typically considered the best of the lot –and that’s why at Abhirowater we love them.But hey, stainless steel water tanks are dime a dozen. What makes our Abhirowater SS tanks so special? Well, Find out here;

Excellent lifespan

Built using high strength AISI 304 & 316-grade stainless steel, our water tanks offer greater resistance to corrosion, cavitation, rust, and wear & tear. Even with minimal care, they can look & work brand new decades after decades.

Highly hygienic

Say goodbye to the risks of water-borne diseases as, our food grade SS tanks have the innate ability to resist bacteria, fungus, and algae build-up. Their inertness resists water contamination and also guards against sun radiation.

Extremely customizable

Just state your exact requirements and our Abhirowater tanks can be tailor-built for it. Need thicker panels? You got it. Want extra inlets & outlets? Consider it done. Our tanks are also available in both vertical and horizontal formats.

Easy installation & care support

Once made to order, we have a robust transport & installation ecosystem to get the water tanks into your service as soon as possible. Our trained movers will get the job done in a jiffy. A 24/7 care service is available to answer all your queries.

SS Water Tank Manufacturer in Salem – Reasons to choose us!

Indeed, we are proud of our reputation in delivering the highest quality water storage solutions in Salem and all across Tamilnadu. Our products have been employed successfully for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. Compromises are not in our genes, and we don’t shy away from challenges.

SS Water Tank manufacturers in Chinnasalem – Innovative to the last bolt!

We got the largest range of SS water tank styles in Tamilnadu, with tons of variations and custom, made to order solutions to choose from Our vertically integrated team of engineers, managers, craftsmen, etc. will work closely with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. No matter how challenging it is, we will get the project done in time & under budget

SS Water Tank Manufacturers in Mettur – Quality you Can Trust for Life!

From 90 liters to 5000 liters, we employ the same high quality, premium standards that set us apart from the rest. We never compromise! All incoming materials are carefully checked and inspected and all welders are continually tested to assure that they are compliant with the latest government regulations by our full-time quality control department.

The conclusion

From the moment we meet to the moment we are congratulating on your new Abhirowater SS water tanks; we take immense pride in delivering the best of products & customer service to surpass our client’s expectations on every level.

Abhirowater leads in industry quality ratings, with customer testimonials and reviews to support every single one of our products. Reliable, affordable & built on order, we strive for perfection with all our Abhirowater SS water tanks. Why? Some say we are obsessive. But we say we are smart enough to recognize your success brings our success.

Contact us & get your free quote today. We are Abhirowater – the best SS water tank manufacturer in Salem – come, join our family today!

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