We are Abhiro water – the #1 SS water tank manufacturer in Palakkad. Known for precision manufacturing, original designs & class-leading features, we offer advanced Stainless steel water storage tanks – ranging from 90 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs in capacities – for personal, commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.

Designed following industry regulations and our own extensive quality checks, our SS water tanks are Robust, precision built, and is long-lasting. We offer tanks of varying sizes, including custom-sized ones upon request. They are perfect for storing everything from potable water, milk, beverages to industrial chemicals, and more.

From small to large, atmospheric to pressure, cooling to heating, Abhiro water – the best SS water tank dealers in Palakkad – has all your water storage requirements covered!

SS Water Tank Manufacturer in Palakkad – Experience Next-Gen Quality, Today!

At Abhiro water, we don’t compromise on quality. All our stainless steel water tanks are made exclusively using food-grade, high-strength AISI 304 & 316-grade stainless steel, which have been meticulously sourced directly from reputed mills.

As the best SS water tank manufacturer in Palakkad, we craft all our water tanks in our state-of-the-art facilities under expert supervision & craftsmanship. Choose from the many models available – from 90 liters to 5000 liters – or state your requirements & we’ll design, fabricate, transport & install custom SS water tank solutions accordingly – now at one of the lowest SS water tank price in Palakkad. Aesthetically designed, our tanks will blend with your architecture. They don’t, rust, leak, and are also lightweight to facilitate easy installs & adjustments.

All Abhiro SS water tanks are made using 100% recycled materials. This is a testament to our commitment to not only do right by our customers but also our precious planet.

Top SS Tank Suppliers in Palakkad

We are not only rated as the #1 Stainless steel water tank manufacturers in Palakkad but also in Kochi, Kozhikode, Chittur, Shornur as well. We are also working to expand our portfolio and our products to even more locations (contact us for details).

This is all thanks to our brilliant team, who tirelessly works to bring you the best products and customer experience possible.

Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers in Palakkad – Highlights of Abhiro Steel Tanks

modern-day water tanks are typically made using: plastic, concrete, and Steel. Though they all have benefits & downfalls of their own, steel is generally considered the best – it is stronger, more reliable, and eco-friendly.

At Abhiro water, we have mixed the general goodness of steel with some of our own tricks, which has made our Abhiro SS water tank better than the competition.

These benefits are;

1) Extreme durability

Crafted only using high strength AISI 304 & 316-grade stainless steel, our water tanks are built to last, with greater resistance to corrosion, cavitation, rust, and wear & tear. They are maintenance-free and also retain their aesthetics for far longer.

2) Superior hygiene

Thanks to the use of food-grade & sealed construction, Abhiro water tanks are resistant to the threats of bacteria, fungus, and algae build-up. The neutrality of the steel keeps the contents “as is”, and also guards against radiation.

3) Easy customization & installation

No matter your needs & specifications, Abhiro SS water tanks can be custom made for it – be it horizontal or vertical mounting. Quick install is guaranteed, and there’s also a 24/7 care team to help address your issues & queries.

4) Environmental friendly

The steel used in all Abhiro water tanks are 100% recycled and are sustainably sourced as well. Unlike plastic or concrete which can become eco-liabilities in short years, steel tanks can help keep the landfills a little less empty.

SS Water Tank Manufacturers in Thrissur – Why choose Abhiro water SS tanks?

While there are plenty of stainless steel tank manufacturers in Thrissur if you want the best you only got one choice – Abhiro water SS tanks. Innovative affordable & reliable, our products are light years ahead of the competition in every way!

At Abihirowater, we are always improving. From fabrication to after-sale maintenance, we’ll handle everything so YOU can rest easy…

SS Tank Manufacturers in Kozhikode – We Got You Covered!

Amongst all the stainless steel tank manufacturers in Palakkad, Kozhikode, and Thrissur, we offer the largest range of SS tank capacities – from 90 to 5000 litres. We also deal in tailor-made Tank solutions at low SS water tank price in Kozhikode.

Our expert team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen will work closely with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you needed – no matter how challenging.

SS Tank Dealers in Palakkad – Unbeatable Quality!

From designing to machining and pre-assembly, everything is done solely by us, ensuring a superior quality product. From there, we test it for quality & ship the product straight to you from our shop, ready to be installed.

All tanks made by Abhiro water – the #1 SS water tank manufacturer in Palakkad, are fully compliant with the latest government regulations & global safety standards.

SS Water Tank Price in Palakkad – The Conclusion

Water is the basis of life itself. At Abhiro, we understand the value of water, and that why we have offered the top SS water tank solutions in India – yup, be it pure water or toxic chemicals, our premium SS tanks got you covered!

We are the #1 wholesale SS water tank manufacturer in Palakkad, and our SS tanks reflect the same in quality & reliability. Perfect for use in both personal & industrial requirements, they offer long servitudes, are easy to install, maintain, and affordably priced. Come, experience next-gen liquid storage solutions with Abhiro SS water tanks.

Contact us & get your free quote today. We are Abhiro water – and we are redefining the way liquids are stored in Palakkad, one SS tank at a time!

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