Counter pressure pet bottle filling system is a unique pneumatically operated one man factory for making soda / soft drinks in 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, and 1 litre of pet bottles. The machine is available in 2 variants

  • 2 Head Filling Machine
  • 4 Head Filling Machine

Carbonator Assembly

The carbonator is designed for better Co2 gas & water mixing. It is made up of 304 grade stainless steel tank and special internal construction inside the carbonator ensures that the water passing through it is saturated automatically. A regulator is provided to control the pressure of Co2 gas. The auto cut off switch is provided to maintain the water level in the carbonator tank. The triple piston pump and 1HP motor is used for pumping the water inside the carbonator.

Counter Pressure Tank

The soda flows from carbonator to counter pressure tank by using ball valves. The bottles are kept in the holder manually and the valves are operated pneumatically. The bottle fills up only to a fixed level due to cut off holes in the nozzle. After the bottles are full, they are removed and capped using capping machine.

Advantages Of Counter Pressure Filling Machine

  • The filling head, gives maximum efficiency of soda and no bottle breakage.
  • The whole machine is compact & easy to install. 16 ft x 10 ft room space is enough for
  • Quality of soda is very high.
  • Level of filling soda is even.
  • Machine is pneumatically operated and can be easily handled by unskilled labors.
  • No wastage of soda / soft drink.

Optional Requirements OF Machines

  • Air compressor – 2HP
  • Filter and regulator for air compressor
  • Chilling plant
  • Syrupper
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