The water you use in your home contains heavy salts of calcium and magnesium. The weight of the molecules of these salts doesn’t allow them to flow with water. As a result, they get deposited on various parts from where the water gushes including pipes, electronic or heating equipment such as washing machine and dishwasher.

Kashyap Scale Defence is an eco-friendly technology designed to solve hard water problems for washing machines and dishwashers. Unlike water softeners, Scale Defence doesn’t need chemicals or waste chloride water making it a green alternative to the existing hard water solutions.


1. Offers Superior Wash

Hard water tends to make clothes dull and rough. With the installation of Scale Defence, the texture and colour of clothes remain intact.

2. Cost-efficient Alternative

With no need for salt/chemical refills, Scale Defence needs just a one-time installation eliminating the maintenance costs. Moreover, it runs on minimal electricity consumption reducing the energy bills.

3. Consumes Less Detergent

Hard Water doesn’t lather as quickly, which forces you to add more detergent. In turn, this affects the quality of clothes and utensils. Scale Defence will change that, and with its installation, you’ll need much less detergent.

4. Maximizes Working Life of Equipment

Scale Defence doesn’t allow the build-up of scales inside the pipes or drums of the domestic equipment. With no hindrance of scales, the working life of the machines reaches their optimum level.

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