ORG Water Softener 300r


Specifications Of ORG Water Softener 300r:-

Model Softener 300R
Vessels FRP 2162
Flow in LPH 7000 ~ 9000
MPV Model 63610B / 63610BBFT
SV Size 3/4″
Inlet Outlet size 2″
Working Temperature 5°C ~ 50°C
Working Pressure 0.15-0.6 Mpa
OBR @200ppm 68750
Resin Quantity 275 Liter
Brine Tank 350 Liter
Salt Required For Regeneration 42 Kg
LP Required For BFT MPV Danfos

Features :-

  • Removes dissolved impurities like rust, heavy metals, salt and chemical
  • Regenerates immediately when output volume drops zero thus providing each drop of soft water.
  • No need to be present at the time of regeneration.
  • LCD display with 72 hours battery back up.
  • Valve displays the remaining output of soft water before relegation for customer convenience.
  • High-intensity FRP resin tank. 
  • Brine valve assembly with a float valve. 
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