Specifications :-

ModelORG UF Alkalinator
Purification Capacity25 Liter/Hour
Operating Voltage240 Volt Ac, 50 Hz
Duty Cycle5 Liter/Day (Max)
System Wattage50 Watts
Storage Capacity8 Liter
Inlet Water Pressure0.3 (min) – 2.2 (max) kg/cm2
Hollow Fiber UF Membrane0.1 Micron
Spiral Wound UF Membrane0.01 Micron
Filter CartridgesInline Sediment and Inline Carbon
Alkaline CartridgeAntioxident-Alkaline Mineral Ball
Dispensing Pump24 V DC/300 GPD
Digital Dispensing Switch2 NOS (Purified & Alkaline)
Micro Controller Board1 Unit Main
Solenoid Valve24 V DC, 3 Nos
Body Material & FPABS, Food Grade, Pearl Green
DimensionL410 X W385 X H465
Gross Weight8.800 Kg
Net Weight7.300 Kg

Benefits :-

  • Provides consistent pure quality of drinking water using ultrafiltration technology.
  • Essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium are retained in the water.
  • Zero wastage of water
  • Unique online design & controlled contact time alkaline enhancer bio-ceramic cartridge which increases the Ph of water making the water Alkaline.
  • Retains the anti-oxidant power of alkaline water which enhances the hydrogen level & reduces the ORP value in water without storing the water & delivering it online & live.
  • Dual dispensing digital tap which allows the consumer to drink either pure water or on-line live alkaline pure water
  • Improves the taste of water.
  • Low Cost of Maintenance and Consumables.
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