Specifications :-

Purification Capacity15 Liter/Hour
Operating Voltage240 Volt Ac, 50 Hz
Duty Cycle75 Liter/Day
System Wattage50 Watts
Storage Capacity8 Liter
Inlet Water Pressure0.3 (min) – 2.2 (max) kg/cm2
Booster PumpDouble Head 24V DC -100 GPD
RO Membrane2012 – 100 GPD
UF Membrane0.1 Micron
Micro Controller Board1 Unit Main
Solenoid Valve24 V DC, 2 Nos
TDS Display0 to 999 ppm
Body Material & FPABS, Food Grade, Grey
DimensionL410 X W385 X H465
Gross Weight10.35 Kg
Net weight8.85 Kg

Features :-

  • Suitable for all types of supply water like Borewell, Tanker Water, or Municipal water.
  • TDS of purified water can be set digitally by Users.
  • It can be used in Low TDS as well as High TDS of raw water.
  • TDS of purified water display on the front panel.
  • The user gets an accuracy of purified water till ±10 ppm TDS.
  • LED Indication for purification process i.e. RO/UV/UF of the front panel.
  • Indication for storage tank full and low pressure on the front panel.
  • TODI Technology gives low rejection of water.
  • Change of raw water TDS doesn’t affect the TDS of purified water.
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