Specifications :-

ModelORG Automatic Shower Softener
Max300 LPH
Working Temperature5°C ~ 50°C
Working Pressure0.15-0.6 Mpa
OBR375 Liter
Resin Quantity2
Salt Required For Regeneration400 Gm
DimensionL 166 x W 167 x H 600

Features :-

  • Save salt and water.
  • Wall – mounted type/ floor – standing type.
  • Without brine tank.
  • Small volume.
  • Various installation ways : it can be installed before or after water heater.
  • Automatically – controlled regeneration time, press one button for regeneration.
  • LED shows the present status.
  • Electric part is waterproof.
  • Volume base automatic operation.
  • Automatic backwash function : lessen the situation of resin hardened and strainer blocked, increase the
  • Adopt quick connecting, make it convenient for maintenance.
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