Rostfreisteels Hopper Bottom Silos are specifically designed steel structures in a conical bottom bin or silo that is particularly helpful for storing low-capacity grain and for swift unloading. Its bottom uses durable steel and corrugated sheets tightly fixed on circular purlin and vertical stiffener.

This material and shape provide reliability and strength to the structure, creating a first-class storage facility. Its highly effective waterproof washer stops water penetration inside the storage facility completely. For saving energy and maintenance, the frame contains a slanted top with an addition to the ladder to climb on silos, handrails, maintenance holes, etc.

Suppose you want to store grains for the long term that are dense and low in quantity, like 500 tones, then Rostfreisteels Hopper Bottom Silo is specially customized for your needs. Unlike Flat bottom silos, these have distance from the ground surface, which is from humidity.

You can monitor temperature, aeration, and ventilation inside the storage facility by the system provided at the bottom of Hopper Bottom silos. Plus, its tank at the bottom offers a swift unloading function thanks to gravitational force.

Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silo, a highly productive storage facility, is used to store grains like maize, sunflower, soy, sorghum, and many other agricultural items. The customer also used them for storing other poultry items like animal and fish-related items due to their waterproof and durable construction for storage.


Characteristics Of Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silos

Learn the best characteristics of hopper Bottom Silos that make them highly efficient storage facilities for agriculture and grain.

  • Rostfrei steels Hopper bottom silos work for multipurpose storage due to their packed and reliable structure.
  • Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silos preserve grains, animal feed products, fish ingredients, and poultry products in their original state for a long duration.
  • Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Steel provides an exceptional storage facility for storing agricultural products and grain in between 20 to 1000 tons capacity.
  • The Hopper Bottom Silo tanks offered by Rostfrei steels are customized dynamically after determining the wind pressure and seismic effect of the location where the tank will situate.
  • Rostfrei steels uses Zincalume Steel for constructing tanks that can withstand pressure up to 350  Mpa during construction resulting in a highly durable structure on which customers can rely for many years.
  • Rostfrei steels Hopper bottom silo comes with a standard angle measurement of 45 degrees for the base, but the customer can easily adjust it according to their need, like 50, 55, or 60.

Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silos Vs. Rostfrei steels Over Flat Bottom Silos

The Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silo has several advantages over Flat Bottom silos which are mentioned below:

  • Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom storage comes with a pre-installed heat retaining method which protects grains from degradation and perverts your grain, unlike Flat bottom storage, which is highly susceptible to humidity.
  • Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Storage is ideal for storing grains that have a density of less than 550 kg/m3 and have an amount of 500 tons.
  • Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silo maintains a fixed temperature due to the tan’s insulated bin, which helps keep the product in its original state.
  • Rostfrei steels tank insulated bins technology is especially effective in maintaining product quality in areas with contrasting temperature day and night.
  • The storage tank offered by Rostfrei steels can be used as a buffer tank when required. Customers can place their wet grains or product in them and put them for drying.
  • Rostfrei steels Hopper bottom Silos are in high demand in factories of rice and flour mills, poultry farms, feed industry, brewery industry, and soy mills.
  • The conical bottom shape of Rostfrei steels Hopper bottom tank allows a self-discharge system, saving energy in unloading the tank.

Advantages of Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silos

  • Rostfrei steels has a welded roofs for extra safety
  • Galvanized silo body
  • Rooftop ladder handrails
  • External ladders to monitor inside silo working.
  • Rostfrei steels uses rooftop air vent system
  • Workers can use the Rest Platform.
  • Steel stiffener provides stability
  • Rostfrei steels silo has an entrance gate 
  • The silo clamping apparatus in Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Tank  controls the temperature balance in the tank.

Characteristics of Hopper Bottom Silos

Hopper bottom silos have numerous characteristics that make them the best fit for your storage solutions, particularly for grains and the agricultural sector. Here are a few aspects you must know to help you make a better choice.

  • Hopper bottom silos are known for their multipurpose usage. You can use the tanks for agricultural purposes to store grains, animal feeding products, poultry house stock, and fish ingredients that require extra preservation.
  • Hopper bottom silos can store manufactured products or farm yields between 20 and 1000 tons making it the best solution for storage capacity.
  • The tanks are designed based on dynamic structural design analysis that determines the seismic effects and wind pressure for the places where the silos are being planted.
  • The Zincalume steel strength allows the tanks to resist pressure up to 350Mpa when the tanks are in manufacturing.
  • The hopper silo tanks are perfectly measured on an angle basis with a standard angle measurement for the base surface at 45 degrees. However, the angles might change up to 50,55, and 60 degrees depending on the customer’s requirements.


AbhiRo Water purifier has been a well-known water treatment industry for 14 years. They take pride in providing safe and sweet water for customers. Now AbhiRo has a franchise of Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom Silos and recommends Rostfrei steels among its users because its efficient in taking care of customers’ grain and poultry products by delivering an exemplary storage facility.

Unlike Flat bottom silos, Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom has numerous advantages in maintaining the quality of goods. It reduces labor by providing quick unloading of the product due to conical shapes. Customers can use Rostfrei steels tanks to store numerous types of goods as well as can use these tanks as buffer storage for wet goods.

Rostfrei steels Hopper Bottom structure provides a wholly insulated environment that prevents the inside product from the effect of temperature and pressure. Hence your grains or poultry goods will remain in the same condition for a long time.

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