Specifications :-

Product NameDouble Tank Shower Softener
Resin Volume3.5 L
Salt4 Kg
Working Pressure0.1~0.6MPa
Inlet Water Temperature5°C ~ 70°C
Environment temperature5°C ~ 50°C
Input VoltageAC100~240V/ 50~60Hz
Maximum Water Treatment capacity for each full salt adding5.5t
Inlet/ Outlet1/2″
Applicable WaterMunicipal Tap Water

Characteristics :-

  • Separate structure of salt tank and resin makes it possible for each salt adding to provide 6 times of regeneration and a total treatment of 5.5 tons of hard water.
  • Dynamic regeneration mode,bigger water treatment capacity,save salt and water.
  • New way of brine entering,sufficiently use salt tank volume.
  • Intelligent automatic regeneration and salt shortage alarm.
  • Reminders of a new regeneration cycle, by time to or by meter optional
  • It has an automatic backwash function to reduce the phenomenon of resin harden and strainer blockage and extend the service life of resin.
  • Resin can be replaced in a fast and convenient way.
  • Data saved after power off.
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