Accord Panel NXT


•Intuitive Patented Interface

•13 Keys Makes Settings Much Simpler

•Quick Access to Critical Settings

•Logical START/STOP with Single Key

•Different Colored Backlit to Show Plant Status

•Single Line Mimic Diagram with 13 LED’s for I/O Indication

•16X2 Alphanumeric Display with Color Changing Features

•Bluetooth Connectivity Plant Status will be reflected on Smart Phone

•Can Pair with Android Device for Data Monitoring and Control

•Same Cutout Size with NUT and STUD

•Notification for Filter Backwash and Plant Service Due

Astero 11For RWP 1 Φ, HPP 1 Φ
Astero 13For RWP 1Φ, HPP 3 Φ
Astero 33 For RWP 3Φ, HPP 3 Φ
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